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  • The Women and Children Protection Center, DIDM shall perform the following functions:
  • Initiate investigation and counter-trafficking-intelligence gathering upon receipt of statements or affidavits from victims of trafficking, migrant workers or their families who have knowledge or information of cases involving trafficking in persons;
  • ​Conduct investigation and operations against offenders of violence against women and children (VAWC) and trafficking in persons as well as initiate necessary actions against these offenders, effect their arrest to ensure prompt prosecution;
  • ​Undertake surveillance and monitoring of suspected traffickers as well as their modi operandi, and execute necessary proactive campaigns to deter the commission of such crimes;
  • Handle cases of battered women and children;
  • ​Conduct computer-based investigations, in coordination with the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group and other law enforcement agencies, to identify and apprehend suspects who utilize the internet to entice and/or coerce young people into prostitution;
  • ​Assist local police units in human trafficking-related investigations and/or task force operations;
  • ​Conduct rescue operations of victims of violence against women and children (VAWC) as well as victims of trafficking in persons;​Conduct relevant information-gathering activities, processing and analyses of gathered information for policy and strategy formulation;
  • Develop and evaluate the implementation of best practices/strategies to promptly respond to specific issues concerning victims of trafficking in persons as well as to effectively deter and apprehend traffickers;
  • Facilitate the identification and referral of victims and ensure the attendance of witnesses during court trials;
  • ​Coordinate social, legal, rehabilitation and health service requirements for rescued victims with the concerned agencies;
  • ​Prepare and update a watch list of Most Wanted Traffickers and maintain a system to receive complaints and calls to assist victims as well as their families;
  • ​Maintain and update a database on trafficking in persons in compliance with Section 16 of Republic Act No. 10364;
  • Initiate related advocacy measures and conduct public awareness campaigns in coordination with the PNP Public Information Office;
  • ​Maintain and enhance coordination for exchange of information with competent local and international authorities as well as private institutions for effective anti-trafficking measures as well as victims' protection and assistance;
  • ​Represent the PNP in conventions of the United Nations and other fora regarding violence against women and children; and
  • ​Perform other tasks as may be directed.