The dedicated men and women of the Women and Children Protection Center have always prioritized the elimination of crimes and incidences of violence, abuse, exploitation, and neglect of children. We constantly strive to see to it that the welfare and best interest of children are upheld at all times.

According to the former US first lady, former senator, and former State Department Secretary Hilary Clinton, “The right of women is the unfinished business of the 21st Century”, as Chief of the Women and Children Protection Center (WCPC), I intend to be part of the solution. In our jurisdiction, we will contribute to the effort of finishing this unfinished business of our century.

We all have the good reasons to pursue credible and strong presence in the area of women and children protection.

First, our organization stands firmly upon four solid values: “Maka-Diyos, Makabayan, Makatao, at Maka-kalikasan”. One of the greatest expression and embodiment of these core values is the protection we extend to the vulnerable and the usual victims of senseless violence: our women and children. They are our neighbors whom God has commanded us to love and protect. Our women nurtures our next generation of leaders, and our children are our torch bearers when we grow old and tired. As an integral part of the Nation Building, they must, therefore, be protected.

And second, under the P.A.T.R.O.L.  Plan 2030, we seek to win the trust and support of the wider community. Demonstrating our sincerity on protecting the weak, the powerless in the person of our women and children, we will contribute not only in the achievement of peace and order, but to the improved perception and engagement of the Police Community. The net effect is the compliance with the requirements, the objectives, and goals of P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030.

If peace and order is something we desire, then we need to continue going deeper and confront the problem of the roots. There, in the bottom of things, we will see the ugly face of the destruction and violence of our women and children. Here we also need a strong state presence. Protecting our family, our women and children will contribute to our common desire to promote kind and peace that can be passed from generations to generations, and to future Filipinos.

With the addition of Anti-Trafficking of Persons to the already difficult area of anti-violence against women and children cases, our duties now include investigation, counter-intelligence, surveillance, and operations in trafficking cases, as well as computer-based investigation of prostitution of children.

The Philippine National Police -Women and Children Protection Center continues to move forward in keeping society safe and free from crime, while at the same time safeguarding the rights of all children. We stand by our sworn duty – to serve and to protect.



Chief, Women and Children Protection Center